Monitoring local, national and international media 24/7, Ajans Press has been providing quality information to its customers since 1953. Ajans Press acts as a bridge that transfers our country to the international scene with quality and fast information. Thanks to its technological infrastructure, dynamic view point and up-to-date moves, Ajans Press has become the leading organization of the sector. Ajans Press Group companies, such as ITS Media, PRNet, Ajans Press Research and Ajans Press Kurye, enable the it to integrate its services into a single package. With this break through aimed at bringing quality solutions to the business world, companies have the opportunity to find answers to their needs from a single organization.

Ajans Press, which is the leader of the industry in media monitoring, has established the largest pool by following the press, television, internet, radio and social media. It provides media monitoring service across the world through its membership in international platforms such as the International Federation of Media Monitoring and Analysis Companies (FIBEP) and the International Association of Broadcast Monitors (IABM). A member of the International Communication Measurement and Evaluation Association (AMEC), Ajans Press measures your news on international standards. It creates added value in the sector by constantly sharing this information with all individuals and organizations that have Access to the website, as well as a massive information bank of all local, national and regional media organizations and their permanent staff and contact information. With more than 64 years of experience, Ajans Press has become a Pioneer organization that carries customers to the future.

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