For 17 years, Retail Days has gathered the retail industry’s most influential
retailers, suppliers, developers and investors in Istanbul.

Alongside the Retail Conference, key decision makers come together during two days and,
share ideas and insights with industry peers, establish new business relation,
explore network opportunities and grow existing business.





Why Retail Days?


  • Again this year between November 29th and 30th, Retail Days will offer a fruitful networking atmosphere for B2B meetings and continue to bring the world of retail together by attracting global and emerging brands on one hand, and suppliers, developers and franchise partners on the other hand.

    Retail Days is the right time and Istanbul is the right place for international and local brands to find the right partners to explore and create tremendous new business opportunities at both local and global level.





From pre-arranged meetings to networking lounges, the Retail Days is the undisputed number one leading organization for all stakeholders in the retail industry in Turkey and the best place for B2B meetings.

Retail Days has proved itself as an efficient and useful event for all participants. Every year, more than 5,000 B2B meetings take place with retail professionals from 40 countries. The event provides an array of valuable networking opportunities for attendees to meet and exchange ideas with other decision makers. Attendees share insights with their industry peers and discuss retail solutions with local and global companies.

Retail Days has been a leading platform where retail groups, international and regional investors, master franchise partners, shopping center owners and developers to establish connections with each other for regional or global expansion.

During Retail Days, international brands meet with Turkish retailers to enter to the Turkish market as well as nearby dynamic markets in order to establish their presence in the region and increase their international trade volume.

Turkish retail groups aiming global expansion make leasing negotiations with international investors and developers. They contact master franchisers to explore and invest in new markets and seize the opportunity to open new stores in different parts of the world.

Suppliers of cutting-edge retail solutions from visual design and IT technology to security, property and marketing find the opportunity to directly present their services to retail decision makers.



For the 17th time this year, glamorous city of Istanbul is hosting Retail Days between November 29th and 30th at Lütfi Kırdar Conference and Exhibition Center.


Retail Days continues to be the meeting point for key local, regional and global retail decision makers to create a sustained platform for establishing and developing business, exchanging ideas and building value through strategic partnerships in the region.







Geostrategic Location 
Situated between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, surrounded by three seas, Turkey enjoys favourable geostrategics. Capitalizing on its geostrategic location and utilizing an agile fiscal mechanism in the region, Turkey has access to a market worth of USD 24 trillion with 1.6 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Projects like Istanbul Third Airport, planned as the largest airport in the world make Turkey a strategic hub and a qualified epicenter.


Strong Economic Growth
As an outstanding emerging country, Turkey’s GDP growth at around 6% on average since 2002, was well above average growth of Emerging Markets at 2.9% (emerging and developing Europe), chiefly due to an ideal and rare combination of a stable political environment, sound macro policies and favourable demographics. 

Following stellar economic performance, GDP per capita has more than tripled in the last fifteen years, drawing Turkey to a notably urbanized, upper-middle income country. Turkey’s upper-middle and high income classes and young, educated workforce are expected to continue to drive economic growth and stability.



Young, Educated and Skilled Population
Turkey is the largest educated youth population in Europe with half of its population below the age of 30. UN projects that the population will continue to grow by 33% in the next 30 years for which major investments in infrastructure and energy sector are underway and geared to accommodate.

With its young, educated and skilled human capital, Turkey is projected to keep abreast of developed countries and become the 14th biggest economy by 2030 and the 9th biggest economy by 2050 according to Goldman Sachs.


Foreign Direct Investment 
A crucial and distinguishing characteristic of Turkish economy is the large and steadily rising share of investments, propelled both by the public and private sectors as a result of sustainable demand, affordable and readily available financing options and a supportive and effective regulatory infrastructure. Turkey continues to pique the interest and appetite of foreign direct investments which amounted around USD 151 billion in the last decade.





Shopping Destination
It has been predicted that in 2023, every city in Turkey will have at least one shopping mall and Istanbul will become a shopping and entertainment destination for neighbouring countries. With a further 670,000 sq. m of new shopping centre space currently under construction, Turkey presents huge potential for international retailers looking for markets with high growth rates.


Why Istanbul?
Home to numerous civilizations throughout its more than eight thousand years of history, Istanbul is the only city located on two continents: Asia and Europe.

Its cultural heritage, young and educated population and its upper-middle and high-income household make Istanbul an unmatched retail market.

Istanbul gathers people from different cultures and backgrounds, making it a modern metropolitan city.

Istanbul has a population of up to 14 million people and ranks among the first seven cities worth visiting in the world.

A growing and young population with westernized tastes in fashion lead to strong retail sales growth for local and international retailers, including apparel.

Istanbul is also home to The Grand Bazaar, the oldest and largest shopping area in the world, with over 4,000 stores some dating back to the fifteen century.






If you are a master franchisee looking for a Turkish Brand it’s
a great opportunity to meet major Turkish retailers for free.

Package details include:
• 1 table in the B2B meetings area
• Up to 25 pre-arranged B2B meetings within two days
• 2 all access Retail Days delegate badge
• 2 Istanbul Retail Study Tour Passes
• Company Information & logo in the event guide
• Wi-fi connection

Free for Master Franchisees



If you are looking to lease space to Turkish retailers in a new or
existing shopping centre, town centre, high street or a country
expert it’s a great opportunity to meet major Turkish retailers.

Package details include:
• 1 table in the B2B meetings area
• Up to 25 pre-arranged B2B meetings within two days
• 2 all Access Retail Days delegate badges
• 2 Istanbul Retail Study Tour passes
• Company Information & logo in the event guide
• Wi-fi connection

Price: 2.500 € + 18% VAT  (1 September - November'17)


















You can do this through the online meeting system after your registration to B2B meetings. All the B2B meetings are pre-arranged and organized. You’ll be able to see all details of Turkish brands with their presentation files, brands, number of stores abroad and in Turkey etc. You’ll be able to send them meeting request through the online B2B system and reply their meeting requests. Soysal B2B team can also assist you in introducing you to possible Turkish retailers  and will liaise with you to ensure the smooth running of your day.

When all the meetings have been organized through the online system, your schedule will be emailed to you.

By visiting the B2B desk in the exhibiton area on 29-30 November, you’ll have your badges and enter in the B2B meetings and have a start of business opportunities with Turkish brands.