Acron Bilişim

ACRON is an information technologies consultancy firm established to become a stronger and global IT brand that’ll shape the international market for consultancy services and applications to meet the expectations of today’s world and future. ACRON, was formed by merger of SAP Gold Partners, that have been taking Turkey one step forward since their early days in terms of information technologies and design, data integrity and process analysis, strictly following leading quality standards. ACRON has signed a shareholding agreement with EOH -the leading provider of Information and communication technologies service provider in Africa- in September 2016.

ACRON is a business partner that has competent service for over 200 customers. ACRON provides to its customers all the advantages of mobile technology in the field of end-to-end solutions. ACRON adopts an innovative approach that encourages its customers and gives them trust and confidence for making new investments and achieving breakthroughs. With over 200 consultants in its 250-people team and further enriched service content and custom package solutions, ACRON shall become one of the best-known brands of information technologies. Achieving success stories in the retail industry and the vision of "being first", which leads the industry in general, becomes ACRON to be in a competitive positioning.