Established within the structure of Akkök Group in 2005, Akiş REIT aims to apply the experience and expertise it has accumulated in the real estate sector, which it has positioned among the group’s strategic business areas, in various projects.

It obtained the Real Estate Investment Trust title from the CMB of Turkey on May 18, 2012, and began trading on Borsa Istanbul on January 9, 2013. “Your happiness is the focus of everything we do!” principle drives Akiş REIT to build high-quality projects.

Momentous achievement that came with the Akbatı in 2011 continued with Akasya in 2014, of which it is a shareholder. The 2017 merger with SAF REIT consolidated Akiş REIT’s standing in the real estate industry.
Blazing a new trail in Turkey by focusing on high-street retailing, an alternative approach to investments in shopping centers, Akiş REIT aims to provide regular dividends to shareholders with rental income from four different locations on Bağdat Street.

First Akiş REIT high-street retailing collaboration opened in September 2017 with Beymen at the Uşaklıgil Building.

Akiş REIT has swiftly grown into an industry powerhouse with trend-setting projects at the right time and location. It is determined to accomplish great feats with distinguished projects with a close eye on industry trends and socio-economic developments.