Newspaper Akşam 

Newspaper Akşam is the oldest newspaper in Turkey. It started publication in 20th September 1918. Its founders are Necmettin Sadak, Kazim Şinasi Dersan, Falih Rifki Atay and Ali Naci Karacan. The newspaper has become a symbol of reliable journalism and milestones of theTurkish press since its first publish day. AKSAM has witnessed the last days of the Ottoman Empire to Turkey’s Republic an journey and has always stuck with the rightfulness so be the preference of the "frontrow" of the young Turkish history at its critical turning points.

'New Revolution' was the first issue’ s headline. Considering the circumstances during the indepedence war Akşam Newspapersupported the National struggle and stood as a protector of the novelties and values of the Republic and has a special place in theTurkish press history.

AKSAM’s objective is composed of targeted news that reflects the true agenda of the people, powerful authors, interesting feuilletons and additional publications that essential for weekends.
AKSAM gives directions to journalism in every period of modern Turkey, has been a pioneer in this field with its acclaimed contests in theworld of culture & art and campaigns worthy of press history.