Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD)

Packaging Manufacturers Association was established in 1992.ASD’s mission is for healthy and sustainable growth; bringing together and linking in the packaging sector, understanding and stating the facts of the packaging industry; vision is working for the growth of sustainable development and social&cultural life of packaging industry and trade; being a reliable and recognized nongovernmental organization in the country.ASD is full member of World Packaging Organization, member of Asian Packaging Federation and member of International Association of Packaging Research Institutes.It has 200 members and publishing technical magazines Ambalaj Dünyası-Packaging World&Pack Converting; e-bulletin Ambalaj Bülteni; and Turkish Packaging Industry Report.It organizes vocational seminars and lifelong training programs; takes active place at various committees for legal regulations regarding packaging and organizes the packaging competitions and is the major supporter of the Eurasia Packaging Istanbul Exhibition.