Avlu 34

Modern Face, The First Shopping Mall of YeniArnavutköy

Tema Teknik GayrimenkulYatırım San. A.Ş. has been established in 2007 to provide project, engineering consultancy and commitment services in construction, electric and mechanical systems. Tema Teknik MühendislikTaahhüt Tic. Ltd. Şti. which is our company partner was established in 2007, and has undertaken and completed successfully many important projects from airport to tunnel and rail systems, from educational facilities to hospital in construction, electric and mechanical systems within construction industry actively since then.

Now, we are making a brand-new investment in Arnavutköy which is the shining star of İstanbul with its changing and developing face. We are realizing the first shopping mall Avlu34 which will be modern face of New Arnavutköy.

Avlu34 is preparing to be the point to meet, go into the life of New Arnavutköy with open and closed areas. In open areas of Avlu34, food-beverage and entertainment are coming together and bringing Arnavutköy and its surrounding together in a common living area.

Favorite fashion brands of Turkey are starting to take their place in Avlu34. Local and world cuisines are meeting with Arnavutköy and its surrounding at their new address.

With the first shopping mall, first cinema complex of Arnavutköy and culture center of Arnavutköy Municipality, social facilities are carrying all colors of art and culture to Avlu34.

Residents of Arnavutköy who had to gain ground to touch the colors of a shopping mall before are looking forward to meet with Avlu34 which is their first shopping mall and add new colors to their lives.