Council of Shopping Centers (AYD)

Council of Shopping Centers – Turkey is established to ensure that, shopping centers can become world class places which give enjoyable shopping opportunity to consumers, create an added value in the retail sector, and integrate with the city.

Within the scope of this vision, AYD makes contribution to improvement of the retail sector, together with the retailers, consumers and sectoral solution partnerships. As the top authority in every aspect relating to the shopping centers and their stakeholders, it represents the sector, members and interests of the members locally and globally and within the frame of the laws in force. AYD takes the actions to positively increase perception of the sector and its members and protects their interests, by acting in according with its principles. It creates environments in which their voice is announced before the government and civil societies, and verbalizes the common ground problems, grounding on surveys and data. It makes predictions in relation to future of the sector and sustainability, gives training to its members. Promotes participation by means of committees, and creates cooperation opportunities by communicating with the foreign equivalent institutions. It arranges broad participated panels, conferences, exhibitions and dinner parties by means of professional institutions, and makes broadcastings.