Damat / Tween

Entering the sector in 1986 with the brand Damat, Orka Holding now leads the retail menswear sector with over 300 stores and 450 selling points worldwide. Holding three brands named Damat, Tween and D’S Damat within its structure, Orka Holding has 7 international companies in countries such as Russia, Italy, Romania and Spain while owning two factories in Giresun, Turkey.

Orka Holding comes forward with its overseas investments in the recent years. It has secured a good name for itself in many locations in the world including Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Romania, Russia, Egypt, Panama and South Africa with its brands Damat which is the symbol of affordable luxury, Tween which is the goto brand for modern and urban men and D’S Damat which is one of the strongest players of the sector with its competitive attitude. Orka Holding advances to be one a global company from Turkey with firm steps.