Created by shoemaker Santino Trolli and his son Luigi in 1870, in Varese, Italy, Divarese has always been a pioneer. While shoes were custom-made until 1800s; a sewing machine imported by Trollis changed the business, facilitating the transition to mass production. Since 2010, the brand continues to be the leader of footwear and handbag fashion under AY Marka. Interpreting seasonal trends with an Italian touch, Divarese delivers shoes and bags one step ahead of being an accessory, and continually presents new designs to fashion lovers.

The collections of classic designs that are essential in every wardrobe, bring the style of Divarese to life. Timeless, high quality, strong, sexy, Italian and modern are the primary brand values. The target of the brand are stylish men and women who keep up with fashion and look for quality in their accessories and clothes. They shop only from brands they trust and choose comfort to style due to their intense work tempo. A classic that combines quality and timelessness, George Hogg, the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of Oxford shoes, is also under the umbrella of Divarese.