As ePrint we are part of the ArtıveArtı family. Together with this family we are providing service and Support to our customers together with our 283 service points http://www.eprint.com.tr/hizmet-noktalari.aspx

We sell, service and support turnkey projects together with HP products.

As of today we service more than 80.000 Laptop and PC all over Turkey. Together with our 10 contracted customers we service 9500 printing equipment and manage 35.000.000 pages per month.

Together with the strategic partnership of HP we are bidding for the important POS projects in Turkey.

Our aim is to merge the universal quality of HP RPOS with Turkish Companies and Support them with the latest regulations of Income Management Directorate of Turkey (GIB).

In all channels the main element of brand experience is the customer loyalty. To give a personalized experience is the key role that transfers many of the customers to loyal customers.

As ePrint and HP we serve to the retail and service sector the tools that they require, with the solutions that range from traditional sales point to mobile.

Either to a barista at a cafe or a sales person at a store, as ePrint and HP, we offer you everything to personalize the experience and increase Customer loyalty.

www.eprint.com.tr /+90 850 888 E3P7R7N6