Food Retailers Associaton (FRA)

Founded in 2012, Food Retailers Association (FRA) is the representative of the modern food retailers and food service chains at national and regional level.

• Thanks to its strong member population consisting of all the retailing organizations and food service chains, FRA is the public speaker of organized food retailing sector with a daily direct access to 15 million people.

• Collecting, analysing the sectoral information in order to provide strong grounds for sectoral profits and converting them into sectoral knowledge, FRA is the most reliable data and information centre of the sector.

• Depending on the agenda of modern food retailing sector, FRA tracks the laws and regulations related to the sector.  It reviews and evaluates the developments that come to the forefront in its field. It submits the solutions and opinions related to such issues to the ministries and commissions. It shares these evaluations with social stakeholders, experts, research organizations, international authorized organizations in addition to the ministries and works in cooperation with them in order create solutions.

• FRA contributes to the process of updating the sectoral information by organizing seminars and workshops in order to help the sector and service quality achieve international standards.

• FRA organizes sectoral training activities considering the lack of trained employment in the sector and intensive circulation of labour force. In accordance with the specified- deficiencies, it submits the potential solutions to official authorities and tracks the process to ensure that such suggestions are put into effect.