Association” in Istanbul on October 25th 1994 by eight senior managers of Security Companies that had the primary target of establishing the right code of conduct and minimum standards for Security Industry.
The title of the association was changed to Security Services and Organization Union Association (GÜSOD) during the Ordinary General Assembly dated April 24th 2005.

Having started its activities in line with its main target following the very first day of its foundation, the Association actively supported and contributed to the adoption of the “Law on Private Security Services” under the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security General Directorate together with expert and specialized lawyers taking into account the examples from overseas and based on the challenges experienced in security services industry and the deficiencies that were observed. Furthermore, GÜSOD also became a full member of CoESS (Confederation of European Security Services) in 2000 by having the confederation to change its bylaw even before our country became a full member of the European union and also undertook a leading role in the foundation of the Maritime Security Works Committee and assumed the first Chair of this committee.

Security Services Organization Union Association aims at contributing to the development of “Turkish Private Security Industry and Private Security Services” in compliance with the objective of bringing Turkey to the level of contemporary civilization level in parallel with the targets and principles that Atatürk foresaw within the scope of ensuring a social order in which sustainable environment balance is adopted according to the universal declaration of human rights, respect to freedom of thought and religion, secular state order, participative democracy concept, liberal economy and finally the institutions and organizations of the competitive market economy.