Representative for Croatia & Bosnia- Herzegovina

Phrixus Property and Leasing Management

Phrixus is comprised of a group of professionals who cover the real estate management and leasing services of shopping malls more than 15 in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. 

Retail Expansion:  Helping retailers and brands reaching desired locations. For retail occupiers, Phrixus uses a data driven and analytical approach to understand the correlation of the clients' brand  with customers and how the right timing and strategy can boost that relationship. Whether addressing a request for a single unit or entire market expansion plan for leading retailers to new concept start-ups, works with clients to define their specific retail requirements. Acts as strategic advisor to secure locations that align real estate with business objectives and reach target customer at terms that set the stage for  future success.

In last five years, Phrixus has been working closely with retailers from Turkey and it has contiuned to provide them support in planning and execution of their business operations in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Property And Facility Services: Property Management, Technical & Infrastructural Facility Management. Phrixus offers turn-key solutions for Real Estate owners, investors, financial institutions, leaseholders, retailers.

Real Estate Management: Administration & Risk Management, Tenant & Occcupancy, Facility Management, Marketing & Financing.

Phrixus Grupa d.o.o.
Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

T. +385 1 3877 777
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