Karaca Group, which has been offering products in the fields of tableware, kitchenware and home textile since 1973, consists of 5 companies. We display activity both locally and internationally through the retail, bulk, export, franchise and online sales channels with the Karaca ,Karaca Home, Emsan, Jumbo and Cook Plus brands. There are currently 269 stores and more than 2500 sales points in the Karaca Group network of stores. Our story of international sales, which started in 2014, continueswith store operations in 16 countries and export activities in 28 countries. We today carry on this story as a brand globally known. We share the same pleasure with you and design products to extend the happiness. We appear as a guest on your tables in order to ensure that the joy of sharing is experienced by everyone, since we deeply believe that happiness extends when it is shared. “We have lots to share”