Chain Stores Association (CSA)

Chain Stores Association (CSA) is founded in 2012. CSA is one of the most powerful associations in retail sector with the representative of all the organized retailing sector outside the scope of food and apparel.

CSA, is aware of all issues in the organized retailing sector outside the scope of food and apparel, thanks to members who spanning a wide range of retail scales. CSA develops enlightening, directing information and policies by approaching to the most current subjects related to the sector. CSA shares the information it acquires, opinions developed on the basis of scientific data and the decisions it makes, with the members, public opinion and decision makers continually.

Aiming to increase the share of an orderly, organized and modern retailing within the national economy, CSA aims to achieve international standards in this area with activities it carries out with regard to compliance with environment and occupational health and safety standards.

Representing the sector worldwide and therefore aiming to help increasing the investment potential of Turkey, CSA makes information or experience exchange with important organizations. The association attends the events organized by such organizations regularly and provide the information and business contacts to the service of the sector.
CSA, contributes to the- process of updating sectoral information flow, transferring the knowledge store to the base of the industry and applying them upon request by organizing seminars and workshops regularly. It offers solutions to the employment problem of the sector and cooperates with official authorities in terms of implementation processes. It is committed to promote the latest operational know-how through symposia held as part of different industry-specific events.