Looking for retailers, suppliers and investors who wants to enter the market or expand in Germany.

The state-owned economic development agency NRW.INVEST conducts international marketing for Germany's No. 1 investment location, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). In doing so, it campaigns worldwide for foreign direct investments for NRW. Besides subsidiaries in Japan and the USA, NRW.INVEST operates branch offices in China, India, Israel, Korea, Poland, Russia and Turkey. With its international representations and the head office in Düsseldorf NRW.INVEST supports companies with investment projects or business locations in NRW. Today there are already about 19,000 foreign firms based in Germany's economically most important federal state.

In all these matters, NRW.INVEST works closely with the local and regional economic development agencies in the state and the Economics Ministry, as well as with firms, associations, chambers of commerce and industry and other business-related organizations.