RASYOTEK is the first and innovative company in the field that offers services with technological human resources approach. Our company, which is based in Istanbul, has a branch where Teknokent develops it’s software. At the same time, the Authorized Private Employment Agency, operating under the law numbered 4904.

Rasyotek Human Resources and Informatics Inc.  each month produces 250+ active customers, 893,065 employees and 27,856 workplaces with productivity-based reports thanks to their technological capabilities.

• Incentive and Savings Consultant• Strategic Planning Report• Payroll Services• Corporate SGK Consultancy• Technology Services• On-the-Job Training Programs• MYK Documentation• Human Resources and Training

• Integrated Savings Systems (BTS) – Personnel Incentive Systems (PTS)
In terms of all SGK incentives in practice, companies that receive service in this system, which reports the situation of the firms and reports the highest incentive that varies every month after that, reports the highest incentive savings without any work load with fast, reliable correct results.
• Super Portal- Strategic Planning Report (SPR)
Provides transportation from anywhere with instant and flexible reporting capabilities, enabling enterprises to interpret large amounts of data in process management, increase productivity, analyze past transactions and design future plans with maximum benefit.
• Bordrotek
In various sectors and in different sizes our customers,we provide our payroll services including all complications with our experienced and expert team.