Retail Turkey

Retail Turkey
Since 1989 Retail Turkey has started to prepared the leading publications by a team after March 2009, this team has started their broadcast life.

Support of organized retail
Retail Turkey has adopted a publishing approach that contributes to the development of the retail organization by closely following the whole of the ever-changing retail industry (food, cosmetics, technology, personal care, fashion, etc.).

Collaboration with all components of the sector
With this mission, Retail Turkey, which serves monthly with 5,000 circulation magazines and portals, is in close cooperation with industry manufacturers / suppliers.
In this context, special Monthly Indicators for Nielsen and Retail Turkey followers; TPF and Regional Retail Conferences are being compared.

Daily newsletter
In order to inform industry professionals about sectoral changes in intensive business temps, e-newsletters are being sent on selected news from

Retail Index
Retail Index will be launched in 2018 is based on the industry's common terminology and data requirements.

Expert and impartial writers
Our writers who are interested in their subject and who are interested in writing, in every part of the industry are constantly changing on new names.