Registered Trademark Associaton (TMD)

The Registered Trademark Association was established in 2001 to promote foreign direct investments, help encourage and incentivize increased production levels in garment industry as well as acting as the guardian for the preservation of the brand-name rights and intellectual properties of the foreign investors.

Another primary objective of the TMd is to bring to a halt the fake and imitation brand production in garments and accessories that have reached tens of millions of US dollars in value and tax losses to the public.

TMd is also lobbying against unfair competition, parallel imports, export of counterfeit products and tax losses. TMd is working towards developing effective policies to protect the registered trademarks across the sectors and establish better business practices. TMd is continuously enhancing its cooperation with the customs officials, local authorities and counterfeit police forces in order to lobby against unfair competition.
TMd is also supporting young designers and promoting branding thru various activities and award schemes.