Torunlar REIT

Mall of Istanbul, put into practice by Turkey’s biggest domestic shopping mall investor, Torunlar REIT, in 2014, hosts its visitors with 350 stores and thousands of brands.

Mall of Istanbul offers a wide range of experience with its world cuisines, MOI Stage where theater plays and concerts meet art-lovers, MOI Art hosting international exhibitions, MOIPARK which is the biggest indoor amusement park of Europe, and Cinetech which is the biggest cineplex of Turkey.

Since its development process, Mall of Istanbul is granted with many international awards. Among the awards are: “The Best Combined-Use Project” and “The Best Shopping Center Development Project” 2011 Europe Real Estate Awards, “Future’s Projects High Achievement” award 2011 Global RLI Awards, “The Best Shopping Center” at 2015 Sign of the City Awards. Additionally, by winning the “Europe’s Best Shopping Center” through ICSC-International Shopping Center Council, Mall of Istanbul proved its success within the international arena.

Mall of Istanbul was granted with a big award at ICSC’s VIVA Best-of-the-Best Awards 2017. Mall of Istanbul won “the Best of the Best” award, recognized as the most prestigious award in the industry. With it’s cooperation with Anatolian Fire Dance School it also received “Gold Awards” at the ICSC 2017 Solal Awards.