As a leading HR service provider in Central and Eastern Europe, Trenkwalder develops innovative and flexible solutions. With our regional market knowledge and a tightly meshed international network, Trenkwalder has been an important strategic partner for major companies and SMEs for 32 years. We currently bring together more than 55,000 employees with 10,000 clients from all industries at 200 locations in 17 countries. For the needs of different sectors, enabling the placement of blue-collar and white-collar workers; qualified staff offers to the businesses.

In 2007 Trenkwalder started to operate in Turkey with 19 Regional Offices and more than 6,000 employees in;
Human Resources Solutions
Facility Services Management
Stock Taking and Inventory Audit Services
Warehouse Management (Logistics) Services

...with an annual turnover over € 850 million, Trenkwalder is producing definitive solutions to the expectations of its business partners with expertise and knowledge in the field of HR processes, national and international certificates and awards, service, and process management.

Stock Taking and Inventory Audit Services at Trenkwalder!
The only inventory counting service in Turkey with certification and work process audits,
Uncontested market leader with 70% share,
A nationwide service network with 800 experienced employees.