Türkmen Logistics

Turkmen Logistics was established in 2003, as a part of Turkmen Holding, at Catalca-İstanbul (which is the new location for new Halkalı Customs), claiming to be a pioneer in Retail Logistics.

Turkmen Logistics is specialized in Supply Chain Management, Forwarding (Air-Sea-Road-Rail-Intermodal), Warehousing, Distribution, E-Commerce Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Supermarket Chain Logistics, Refurbishment, serving for a wide range of local and international Retail Chains.

Turkmen Logistics manages the supply chain for its European and Turkish retail chain customers, in sourcing destinations like Turkey, Sri Lanka, Egypt, China, Bangladesh, Romania, Serbia including the consolidation and cargo management of the products. In addition, quality control, audit and order management services are available in these origins.

The services in this supply chain include transportations of raw material and semi-finished products, as well as warehousing, distribution and reverse logistics for finished products. This supply chain is flexible and customizable for servicing many industries including textile, apparel, stationery, chemical etc.

Turkmen Logistics, as an integrated and solution oriented logistics company, is committed to provide sustainable high performance supply chain solutions with a customized approach that leads to the highest customer satisfaction, and to add value to customer's processes and to manage customer's risks.

With its “Different problems, Different Solutions” motto, Turkmen Logistics acts as a solution partner for its customers based on flexibility and visibility. With a highly qualified and experienced team and powerful IT infrastructure, Turkmen Logistics is capable of fulfilling the expectations of its customers with ever changing needs.