UFRAD Franchising Association

Turkish Franchise Association UFRAD is the first and only representative of franchising sector in our country. Established in 1991, UFRAD Turkish Franchising Association’s main purpose is toenhancetrustrelations in the franchising system while improving and enlarging the sector. Today, is one of the oldest and strongest franchising associations in the World, UFRAD has more than 200 internationally recognized firms under its roof. UFRAD is a the 2017 term Chairman of World Franchising Council (WFC) and Vice Chairman of European Franchising Federation (EFF). UFRAD is the Founder and President of Black Sea Federation – BSFF, FoundingMember of Foreign Economic Relations Council – DEIK. Through tv programs that air every week for more than 5 years and other media channels, UFRAD is the biggest informant for the public about franchising industry. UFRAD alsoprovides certificate programs through Franchising Academy of UFRAD with collaborations of İstanbul Aydin University of entre preneursto enter the sector with updated knowledge about franchising system. Since 2002, Dr. Mustafa Aydın acts as the President of our association.