Zeydemir has been leaving a permanent mark in the Turkish retail market with its innovative understanding for the last 3 years. It adds value to cities by developing more spacious, more environmentally friendly and more originally designed shopping mall projects. Zeydemir acknowledges that every city needs to breath, and spaciousness and functionality are priorities in the projects developed by Zeydemir.

Beytullah Aksoy is the general manager of Zeydemir, which wasestablished in 2015. The branches in Balikesir, Sanliurfa and Ordu are managed from the company headquarters in Kagithane Premier Plaza. For its ongoing shopping mall projects, Zeydemir cooperates with well-known suppliers in the market.

Zeydemir has contributed to the growth of the market significantly by successfully completing three shopping mall projects in three years and by investing 550 million TL. It has developed a total of 315 thousand m2 of closed construction area and 560 thousand m2 of landscape.

With a dynamic team, Zeydemir is intensely visiting Anatolian cities with high potential, prepares feasibility reports and evaluates the shopping mall investment potential. As Zeydemir plans to continue making profitable investments in Anatolian cities, it will bring consumers together with retailers in projects with environmentalist architechture with four new shopping mall investments in 2017 and five in 2018.