Retail is undergoing a revolutionary change. It is through an unprecedented upheaval as a result of changing consumer behaviour and new digital technologies. In order to contend with ongoing disruption from the digital transformation, creating new organizational structures and developing new business strategies are required for retailers.








Consumers are now more connected than ever. Now, it is much more critical to meet the consumer expectations changing by the internet’s expansion, development of mobile technologies, proliferation of IOT devices and increasing importance of social media. Retailers need to adapt to the new technologies that will add value for their customers.

As digital touches every step of the customer journey, omni- channel retailing based on the integration of online and offline retail has become increasingly a predominant model. Today’s empowered, connected consumers demand to be able to shop anywhere, at any time. They expect to purchase through multiple, predominantly digital touch points. At the same time, physical stores are still vital for retail since they offer unique experience to the consumer. Physical stores have become even more important since they provide physical, sensual and intuitive interaction with the customer. Modern day consumers expect a tailored, personal and fast shopping experience.

Taking place under the roof of Retail Days for two days, the conference is a global must-attend event aiming to discuss all of these new dynamics of retail. The conference provides the insight about new retailing practices, different experiences and approaches from all around the world. Intending to contribute the advancement of the sector, the conference is one of the prominent discussion and idea exchange platforms where inspiring best practices, benchmarks and new visions are shared.

In the conference sessions, a wide range of topics is discussed including marketing, innovation, digital world, economy, consumer behaviour, latest retailing trends, international developments and hot agenda of the sector. While the new dimensions of retailing are brought forward, the conference sessions provide hints and roadmaps that can be put into practice.

The conference has welcomed over hundreds of speakers from all around the world including leading retailers, industry stakeholders and experts coming from different disciplines. Prominent names of global retail industry, academicians, futurists, authors, designers, economists and technology experts discuss different aspects of today’s retail and shed light on its future.

The conference brings together the leaders of both local and global retail industry. Hosting more than 3,000 high level industry executives, the conference is a prominent international gathering of retail leaders that provides powerful connections and insight about where the industry is heading.