Abdullah Kavukcu

A Global Brand: Simit Sarayı

Simit Sarayı establihed its first store with a dream of serving fresh bagels and bakery products anytime of the day through its popular retail stores and letting everybody taste a traditional flavour. In time, the company enhanced its its vision to become a leading global Food and Beverage retail brand. Simit Sarayı is now much closer to achieve its goal due to the strategic partnership with Fawaz Alhokair Group. As part of its international expansion strategy, Simit Sarayı will continue spreading through Middle East and Africa.

Abdullah Kavukcu, CEO of Simit Sarayı, is one of the names behind the company’s success story.

Having started his business life at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Kavukcu is co-founder of Simit Sarayı which was established in 2002. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Simit Sarayı in 2012, then became Chairman of the Board in 2016.

He has also been working as the Chairman of the Board of the Kavukcu Group that operates across a number of business sectors such as construction, food, management and consultancy. One of Kavukcu’s principal achievements in the retail scene was its launch of the first highway mall project, ParkShop mall.

With 426 stores in 22 countries, Simit Sarayı welcomes one million customers every day. Kavukcu will explain the company’s story of turning into a global brand with its product range, technology, capacity and innovation.