Beytullah Aksoy

Shopping Malls as Breathing Spaces

Having developed environmentally conscious, modern and prestigious shopping malls in various cities, Zeydemir has made a significant contribution to the industry’s growth in the cities where they build shopping malls with a different concept.

Zeydemir does not only constuct shopping malls, but also provides social and cultural development opportunities by sports areas, art and congress centers.

General Manager of Zeydemir, Beytullah Aksoy runs Zeydemir’s investments of over 550 Million TL in 5 different cities. He develeped construction area of 315.000 sqm and landscapes of 560.000 sqm. He manages Zeydemir's current and potential global partners and lead financial investments. He is responsible for shaping Zeydemir's strategy by identifying industry trends, maintaining relationships with relevant external partners, as well as sourcing, negotiating, structuring, and executing strategic acquisitions and investments across all of Zeydemir's geographies and businesses.

Having graduated from Management Department of Boğaziçi University in 2008, Aksoy started his career at Procter & Gamble.

In 2010, he joined the construction and real estate development sector. Through the years 2010-2016, he served as trade marketing manager, marketing manager, business development director, associate general manager and general manager in construction sector respectively.

He managed construction and real estate development projects in addition to executing new investment opportunities. He led cross-functional teams in developing construction business. He has a deep experience shaping growth strategy for mid to large-cap companies.

At Retail Days, Aksoy will explain how Zeydemir has transformed the idle areas in the cities into spacious places where people can breath, rest and refresh.

Aksoy will also share his know-how on single storey mall design that is similar to high street shopping and their management model which minimizes the costs for retailers.