Birol Uluşan

Latest Trends in Waste Management

Wasting food and resources is a global economic, social and ecological burden. Although enough food is produced for everyone in the world, one third of this production is lost and wasted through processes.

Putting food waste and loss as one of their central concerns and carrying the responsibility of being a bridge between producers and consumers, Metro Cash & Carry Turkey initiated a food loss and waste management project called "Metro Food Initiative".

Fruits & Vegetables Category Manager Birol Uluşan is one of the names managing Metro Cash & Carry’s actions for food waste reduction.

Having received training at Fresh Food Academy in France, Uluşan has been working in different positions at Metro Cash & Carry for 15 years and he is currently serving as Fruits & Vegetables Manager.

Besides, Uluşan carries out another important project on “Geographically Indicated Products” which aims to conserve cultural heritage for next generations by keeping a record of local tastes.

Uluşan will share striking waste and loss numbers together with its causes and talk about the holistic approach Metro Cash & Carry has developed and applied throughout every stage of the value chain. By this, he will be pointing out the increase in productivity through the correct use of resources and improvement in work processes.