Fatih Keresteci & Cüneyt Yavuz


Global Economic Developments and the Retail World

For the first time at Retail Days, an economist and a retailer come together to give insight into 2018.

In this session, the prominent economist Fatih Keresteci and Cuneyt Yavuz, the CEO of Mavi, the leading jeans brand, will comment on the effects of the global trends in politics and economics on the retail industry. Keresteci will also answer the questions of Yavuz by giving insightful tips on how to attain and keep a sustainable growth and reach higher profit margins.

Having worked in the banking sector as an economist and as a high level executive for many years, Keresteci is a famous economist giving advice to many leading global brands in the retail industry.

Having received a post-graduate degree from the University of Birmingham, Keresteci has mainly focused on financial crises prevailing in emerging markets and generated early warning systems during his education and business career. His research has been quoted by respected publications and journals.

He began his career in the banking sector in 2000 and held various positions during his tenure at HSBC. He was the Head of Treasury and responsible from global markets prior to founding his own company on consulting in 2016. He now provides consulting services on financial risk management, investments and economics to large corporations.

He is also a frequent commentator on several news channels and currently a permanent commentator on a program broadcast on Bloomberg HT.

Cüneyt Yavuz, one of the prominent names of retail industry, has been serving as CEO at Mavi since 2008. During his tenure, he tripled the sales and profits of the company and made Mavi a world class lifestyle brand.

Having graduated from the Department of Political Science at Boğaziçi University and completed a master’s degree at John Hopkins University, Yavuz started his career at Procter & Gamble in 1992.

He hold various managerial positions at P&G for 16 years and led sales and marketing activities of many FMCG in a territory including Turkey, Poland and the Baltics. Before joining Mavi, he was managing homecare products for the CEEMEA region.

Based on the current and future global trends, Keresteci and Yavuz will talk about the impact of global and local economic as well as political developments on the retail industry.

From apparel industry to food and electronics, Keresteci will give strategical and financial tips for all the segments of retail industry.