Jaklin Güner

Solutions for Destruptive Times

Serving as the CEO of Vakko, one of the most prominent fashion brands, Jaklin Güner is a successful leader having left her mark on retail industry with her pioneering projects.

Having graduated from Istanbul Technical University with MS degree in Industrial Engineering, she started her professional life at Arçelik. Then she joined ITC- Set Group and carried out the restructuring process and readjustment of the investments.

In 1997, she started to work at YKM and had a role in the institutionalization of the company. While serving as the general manager at YKM, she contributed to the creation of Bonus Card, the first credit card with chip and points reward system, with the partnership of Garanti Bank.

She carried out leading projects driving the retail industry forward, like the transformation of suppliers to the barcode system, initiating the first SAP Retail programme, development of extensive retail store management software.

Following YKM, Mrs. Güner joined Ziylan Group where she served as the CEO of the company managing the strategic and operational transformation of the Group from a local wholesaler into a regional retail leader between 2012 and 2014.
Ranked in the list of “The 50 Most Powerful Businesswomen”, Jaklin Güner is currently serving as the CEO of Vakko.
Güner managed two of the largest M&A ‘s in retail in recent years , YKM and Ziylan.
She is also a board member of BMD (United Brands Association) the leading organizations of the retail sector.

Güner, will talk about how retail, being the most dynamic industry, will handle the struggles we are facing today, going through tough economic times.

Technological, demographic, environmental and economical mega trends transforms the world towards new requirements. Consumers struggle for spending, tourism for visitor numbers, economy at growth targets, retail for cost increase, inventory volume, decreasing operating profit and increasing capital requirement.