Jonas Kjellberg

How to Become a Game Changer

As one of the most prominent serial entrepreneurs and creative businessmen of the world, Jonas Kjellberg, the co-creator of Skype, is a thought leader on innovation, entrepreneurship, customer experience and digital transformation.

He is an experienced venture investor with successful investments such as Zalando. He was the Chairman for ICloud sold to Apple and Founder of Player:IO sold to Yahoo.

He is the author of books “Gear Up: Bring Business Opportunities to Life” and “Business Creation”. He is a much appreciated lecturer at Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics.

Kjellberg supports management teams in developing their overall sales strategy and a winning sales culture. His focus is on how to delight the user. What needs to be done to secure the innovation intent? How can sales be built into the product, so that your customers will be part of your sales force by sharing their stories of delight. How can you as organization increase the frequency of that message, to create friction-free story?

Kjellberg currently serves as the Manager of Digital Ventures at BCG, Chairman of the Board at, Chairman of the Board at Improve sales and Co-founder at Gear up Ventures.

At the 17th Retail Days in Istanbul, he will present a game-changing management model for gaining success in a competitive environment.

In light of his own success and failure stories, Kjellberg will discuss how product, sales and profitability must interact in order to create successful business.

Kjellberg will talk about how to increase revenues by creating delight for the customer and “innovating in zero.”

A guiding session on how to become a game changer…


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