Patrick Renvoisé

Exploring the Buy Button Inside the Brain

As one of the worldwide pioneers of neuromarketing, Patrick Renvoisé has developed NeuroMapTM, the only persuasion model 100% based on science: the science of how consumers use their brain to make decisions.

This proprietary methodology has been used for the past 15 years to help over 6,000 companies worldwide scientifically capture, scientifically convince and scientifically close more business.

Used by more than 200,000 executives worldwide, NeuroMapTM provides unique insights so their messages are truly understood by the brain of their customers.NeuroMapTM has received the 2009 “Next big thing in marketing” award from the American Marketing Association, the same award received by Youtube in 2007.

In 2002, Renvoisé co-authored the best selling book “Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer's Brain”.
Unveiling the latest brain research and revolutionary marketing practices, the book is currently published in 13 languages. With a readership of over 150,000 it sold more copies than all other books on neuromarketing combined.

In 2008 Renvoisé also received the “Above and Beyond” speaker award from Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization.

Prior to co-founding SalesBrain the world’s first neuromarketing agency, Renvoisé was in charge of Business Development first at Silicon Graphics then as Executive Director of Business Development at LinuxCare. He received a Masters in Computer Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (Lyon, France).

Shedding light on what triggers decisions in the customer’s brain, Renvoisé will present NeuroMapTM a highly effective model for delivering powerful, unique, and memorable messages that will have a positive and lasting impact on the brain of the consumers.

He will talk about how to capture human attention and what happens in the consumers’ brain before they make a buying decision and... what we should do to help them say “Yes”!

You can expect a set of insights in the science of persuasion and how you can find the path to the “buy button” in your customer’s brain.


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