Selen Kocabaş

Simit Sarayı, Board Advisor

Kocabaş started her career at Koç Group, had various managerial roles at Arçelik, Marshall Chemicals, Danonesa -a joint venture of Group Danone and Sabancı Corporation.

Kocabas joined Turkcell in 2003 as CXO. Having worked for Turkcell Group until 2015, she held board membership positons in various companies of Turkcell Group.

Kocabas has been the first woman president of Peryon Human Management Association, one of the oldest civil society organizations in Turkey. Kocabas is the first corporate representative of Ethics and Prestige Association, had TKYD and TÜSİAD membership, and she is in the board of several non-governmental organizations.

Currently Kocabas is board advisor at Simit Sarayı and acting Streering Committee chairman. She also holds board membership positions in other companies.

Selen Kocabas is a graduate of İstanbul University School of Economics in English and has a master degree in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behaviour at Marmara University. She speaks French and English.