Suzan Toplusoy

BMD Delegate / Roman Hazır Giyim, CEO

Suzan Toplusoy, who graduated from Textile Design Department of the Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University, started her career in Zeki Triko, as a swimming suit designer. She worked as the design coordinator of esteemed leading companies of Turkish ready-made clothing sector and carried out design and production studies in Far East, India, Indonesia, etc.

She has been the design director in Roman Hazır Giyim for 13 years. She also holds the position of CEO since 2016.

Furthermore, the private kaftan collection that she designed under Suzan Toplusoy brand name was also sold in elite boutiques within the country and abroad. Toplusoy, who attended The Train New York Fair with her private collection every year, and exhibited her creative and genuine works abroad between 2004 and 2007.

Toplusoy is the Vice President of BMD (United Brands Association), member of High Advisory Board of TGSD (Association of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers) and Board Member of TİKAD (Turkish Businesswomen Association). She supports the studies carried out for women to encourage them to take more active role in the business world and social life.