Tolga Tatari

Increasing E-Commerce Revenue

Tolga Tatari is a renowned e-commerce expert and a successful entrepreneur having established outstanding e-commerce start-ups such as Markafoni which he sold to Naspers Ltd., one of the largest internet companies of the world.

He now provides consultancy services to prominent e-commerce companies and supports leading retailers for establishing and developing e-commerce platforms with his company Akinon.

Tatari started his entrepreneurial career while he was a student at the Department of Visual Communication Design, Bilgi University. In 1999, he co-founded his first business venture, Hip Productions. In 2002, he got a start in e-commerce business by establishing “”, a website for people who are making wedding preparations. In 2008, he co-founded Markafoni which evolved with private shopping club concept.

Tatari’s investments and partnerships include, an online shoe site;, an online cosmetics and beauty site and, a fashion destination site. Tatari gives lectures on e-commerce at Bilgi University.

Tatari has received “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Of the World” award in 2011.

This year at the 17th Retail Days, Tatari will discuss how customer landscape is changing by the innovations in e-commerce and technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. He will talk about the digital effect on retail while highlighting important advances in e-commerce. Tatari will share adaptable hints for retail companies and e-commerce sites on increasing their sales opportunities.