Uğur Demirel

Fast and Healthy Growth in Retail

ŞOK Markets, a subsidiary of Yildiz Holding is one of the fastest growing retailers in food. Opening three stores a day, ŞOK Markets keep its growth fast and healthy.

Performing in the retail industry for 24 years,Uğur Demirel serves as the CEO of ŞOK Markets which operates with more than 4,500 stores in 74 cities.

Having started his career at Koç Holding Maret AŞ., Demirel worked as product manager at Aytaç A.Ş afterwards.

In 1998, he started to work at Gima as commercial director till 2005, when the company was acquired by CarrefourSa. He served as executive committee member and commercial director at CarrefourSa.

In 2010, Demirel joined Yıldız Holding and started to serve as the general manager of Pasifik Gıda A.Ş. For 5 years, after then,he served as retail group vice president of the company. In 2016, he was granted Retail Sun Award in the category of “Most Successful Professional Executive.”

Spending most of his time in the field during the year, Demirel will talk about the strong organization behind the sustained growth of ŞOK Markets and will share the inspiring practices of the company including the strategy of being more involved and proactive by working from the field. He will share the hints for a fast but healthy growth.