Global Blue

Actualizing Tax Free Service 35 years ago, Global Blue is an expert financial services establishment inthe “globe shopping” which is the world’s fastest developing sector covering the shopping people dowhen they travel from one country to another.


Currently offering Tax Free service in the world’s most elite 305.000 stores, Global Blue is conducting30 million transactions per year in 51 countries with its 1.400 employees and Customer ServicePoints where it conducts return processes in 250 airports.


We offer Tax Free and marketing services to the retail sector to increase their sales to their foreign customers. All Turkish and foreign visitors residing outside Turkey, are able to benefit from Tax Free service.


Website: www.globalblue.com 

Retail Days is an Soysal Organization


Address: Noramin İş Merkezi, Maslak Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cad. No:237 Kat:1 No:114 Sarıyer 34398 İstanbul 

Telephone: +90 (0212) 212 99 70 

Fax: +90 (0212) 212 38 36 

E-mail: info@soysal.com.tr 

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