Posta maintained its superior performance in 2018, clearly leading the competition with the highest dealership sales. In the period March 2018-February 2019 results from the Turkish National Readership Survey coordinated by the Turkish Joint Industry Committee for National Readership Surveys (BİAK) confirm that Posta is the newspaper with the highest number of readers in Turkey with a 1.413 million daily circulation. Posta’s undisputed leadership position is best illustrated by a difference of 139 thousand readers with its nearest competitor. Another striking point that the study revealed is that Posta ranks first in both male and female readership in terms of reach. With a positive sense of publishing that gives wide coverage to the human condition, Posta reaches Turkey’s rural and urban populations and is also the favorite newspaper of younger readers. Posta’s readership belongs to the middle and upper income brackets.

Posta has the highest circulation figures in the ABC1C2 group, with 1.096 million readers.  

Posta meets the expectations of its broad readership base with the newspaper’s numerous supplements that include Cumartesi Postası, Pazar Postası, Posta İzmir, Posta Bodrum, Posta Çanakkale, Posta Manisa, Posta Bursa, Posta Ankara, Posta Akdeniz, Posta Çukurova, Posta Eskişehir, Posta Trakya, Posta Anadolu, Posta Doğu Marmara, Posta Karadeniz, Posta Kitap, Posta Anne&Çocuk, Posta Orion andBulmaca. 

Posta aims to be the number one selling newspaper in Turkey in future years as well by distinguishing itself with its news content, easy-to-read style and price advantage. Posta’s main challenge is to further increase its share in overall advertising revenues in print media in the coming years.

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