29-30 May 2024 Haliç Congress Center

The Big Gathering of Retail and Digital Commerce


Retail Days is one of the most distinguished organizations of retail industry in the international arena since 2001.

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Bringing together all sectors of the industry, from retailers to shopping malls, business developers, technology firms and suppliers, each year, in Istanbul for two days, Retail Days 2024 will bring together 10000+ attendees.




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Retail Days with

CEO, Chairman, Board Member
C-Level Managers
Seniour Executives

Keynote and industry leader speakers from Turkey and all over the world.

Retail Days Conference brings together top minds on critical topics, providing insights and perspectives to set you up for success and set you apart. Keynote and stage sessions are designed to inspire as well as instruct, featuring leading retail industry leaders and industry experts.

RetaIl days 2024 concert

Before the Closing Concert





Retail Days 2024
Industry Leader

The exhibition offers exclusive networking and deal making opportunities bringing together high decision makers of wide range of companies from retailers, shopping centers, suppliers and technology companies showing cutting edge solutions exhibiting the most effective services and tools to retailers.

AHL Pay provides a broad spectrum of financial services to both individual and corporate customers, including wallets, money transfers, bill payments, prepaid cards, innovative POS solutions. By offering secure and easily accessible solutions that meet the demands of the digitalera, it leads the finance sector.


ATP is a leading technology company that provides enterprise software and infrastructure solutions to companies' critical IT processes. ATP is listed on Turkish stock market, is serving at different sectors with Tradesoft, Zenia and ATP Digital brands. ATP Digital guides organizations through their digital transformation journeys with consultancy, end-to-end technology solutions and services. Partnerships with leading technology providers help create best-of-class solutions.


With 70 years of experience, Ajans Press Technology is a pioneering firm in media monitoring, offering quality solutions to businesses through traditional, social media monitoring, and digital strategic consultancy.

Ajans Press Teknoloji

Akinon is a cloud-native, composable digital commerce platform with strong modular architecture, integration and API orchestration capabilities with an extremely fast implementation time. Akinon equips customers with a rich and powerful set of out-of-the-box capabilities in addition to its easy integration to best-of-breed solutions, to deliver B2C and B2B Unified Commerce, enterprise marketplace operations and OMS, so businesses can offer the desired customer experience, improve customer satisfaction and retention, while increasing revenue


Launched in 1999, Alibaba.com is the leading platform for global wholesale trade serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. As part of the Alibaba Group, Alibaba.com’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere and does this by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.


With its 55-year history, Arzum reaches millions in more than 60 countries with 650 products in 6 categories. Arzum, which focuses on design and innovation and aims to spread the Turkish coffee culture to the world, seeks to become a global brand.

Arzum Okka

ATIŞ GROUP, which started its activities in 2000, has implemented dozens of projects in the construction sector that add value to its region and its investors. In the projects ATIŞ delivered in Bursa, they made the city a center of attraction not only with its historical and natural beauties, but also in terms of culture-art activities and modern design understanding. The aim of our brand has always been to build a modern urban culture. Growing with its investments over the years, Atış; In addition to the construction sector, it continues its activities in the fields of retail, real estate management, facility management, durable consumer goods, health facilities, education, tourism, entertainment, food, media and technology as ATIŞ GROUP of companies.

Atış Group Companies

Real Estate Investment Funds, which are as lucrative as real estate and as reliable as securities, are available to investors in cooperation with ATIŞ INVEST and Re-Pie Portfolio. Real estate investment funds offer investors the chance to earn a secure and stable income by allowing them to buy shares in large shopping malls and commercial areas at a low price, where individual investments are not possible.

Atış Invest & Re-Pie Portföy

Baydöner was founded in 2007 and was gone public 2023 in order to be the brand of doner kebab in Türkiye and in the world and to give the value it deserves to this flavor that has been passed down from generation to generation. In 16 years, by reaching 117 restaurants, one of which is abroad, it became one of the fastest growing local restaurant chains in Türkiye in a short time.


Reflecting California's warm climate, the Beverly Hills Polo Club, founded in 1982, fuses sports-luxury lifestyle and polo, its logo and identity. Today, it serves members in 650 stores across over 70 countries.

Beverly Hills Polo Club

Business life of “Beylerbeyi Profiterole”, which has commenced in Beylerbeyi district of Istanbul in 1995, is also continuing in our day by growing more and more.

Beylerbeyi Profiterol

A unique open banking experience with BulutTahsilat…With BulutTahsilat Open Banking platform, you can manage your company’s bank accounts on a single screen and meet all your payment and collection needs in a single software.‍


Caribou Coffee is a coffee chain that strives to serve you the finest coffee, using only the best ingredients and methods. We want you to have a memorable experience every time you visit.


Tanı / Chippin, which manages one of the largest databases in Turkey and has 22 years of CRM experience, is a technology company that offers integrated marketing solutions to e-commerce, store and mobile platforms. Tanı, which operates under the Koç Group, draws attention with its Data Management and Analysis, Loyalty Programs and 360° Campaign Management, Business Intelligence solutions and Analytical Services, especially Chippin, the mobile payment application that combines Loyalty Programs on a single platform. It is the owner of 30 local and 10 international awards in these fields.


California Walnut Commission is involved in various activities to increase walnut consumption and announce its health advantages in Türkiye, as well as all over the world. Its annual events highlight the versatility of the walnut, as well as the fact that it can help increase omega-3 intake as the only treenut that provides an excellent source of plant-based omega-3 ALA (2.5 g/oz) in the diet.

California Walnut Commission

Bringing innovation to classic men’s wear, Cengiz İnler offers Italıan cut elegance with quality fabrics, carefully crafted details and unique designs.

Cengiz İnler

ChannelEngine is connecting global ecommerce by rolling out a rapidly growing SaaS solution and thriving partner ecosystem, connecting retailers and brands to global marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.


Cold Stone Creamery, the world's largest chain of ice cream shops, offers our unique flavors to everyone by creating their own ice cream mix or choosing from our Signature Creations™.

Cold Stone Creamery

At D-Dat Consultancy, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including SEO, Performance Marketing, CRO, and Data Management, to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to increase website traffic, boost conversions, or streamline your data processes, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to deliver results. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our customized solutions and cutting edge technology.

D-Dat Consultancy

Since 1986, the Damat brand has transformed men's fashion into a lifestyle, backed by 100% Turkish capital. It now connects with fashion enthusiasts in 200+ locations in 82 countries.

Damat Tween

EVINN DESIGN CENTER will provide you to experience a new retailing experience that puts an end to walk around between the stores to beautify your living spaces. Whether for your office or home, you will be able to find products of many brands suitable for all the areas you live in and your pleasure. All your needs, from curtains to furniture, from wallpaper to small home appliances, from accessories to kitchens, are selected by expert architects and brought from all over the world to EVINN DESIGN CENTER and offered to the customers.


ECCO, a Danish company, stands out with its Scandinavian design and simplicity with its extremely strong and stylish shoes produced with high technology and quality leather. Fluidform technology provides a long-lasting and comfortable experience.


Eva is an AI-powered ecommerce optimization platform and service provider that will simplify your operations, expand your market share and grow your business profitably on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

Eva Commerce

Evidea, for those who want to shop for their houses and enrich them; it is an e-commerce site and chain of stores that offer high-quality products that everyone may need at home and that do not require skill to assemble, at reasonable prices, cares about customer experience, follows the market, pioneers and inspires new trends.


We bring you the fragrances you dream of and love with fine pleasure and meticulousness. As the Eyfel Perfume family, we will break the usual patterns and continue to pioneer innovations as always.


Fiba Commercial Properties is one of the leading commercial real estate investors in Turkey, China, Romania and Moldova. FIBA Commercial Properties, which has more than 800,000 m2 of leasable area, more than 1100 brands and stores, 11 shopping malls, 5 office buildings, 4 residences, 2 cinema complexes and a hotel in its portfolio, has founded a shopping mall management and leasing company in order to add value to the investments of other sector partners with its national and international experiences.

FIBA Commercial Properties

Streamlining global e-commerce for brands, fiCommerce manages all your online Operations with its state-of-the-art and millions of orders capacity fulfillment network in Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Poland, Serving as more than just e-logistics, we stand as a dynamic business partner, supporting brands in the setup and management of webshops and marketplace stores with our integrated infrastructure across hundreds of online sales channels.

Fi Commerce

Actualizing Tax Free Service 40 years ago, Global Blue is an expert financial services establishment in the “globe shopping” which is the world’s fastest developing sector covering the shopping people do when they travel from one country to another.


Ges Teknik combines today's technology with 20 years of experience in the fields of Air Conditioning, Smart Buildings and Energy Management. Automation and remote monitoring solutions provided at economical costs offer great opportunities to commercial enterprises in terms of sustainability and short pay-back periods.

Ges Teknik

HepsiJET is one of group company of Doğan Online. It is a technology company established to transform changing and customer oriented distribution services in the e-commerce sector. As of today, HepsiJet, which provides service in 81 provinces, has become a brand that grows day by day. ‍


Hepsipay is a digital wallet that allows you to make fast, secure and easy payments anywhere. You can do your shopping with a single click, get the most suitable cash loan options and make your payments in installments up to 36 months, or take advantages of several options such as Instant Refund and Hepsipara.‍


Founded as an online loyalty application within the Boyner Group in 2015, Hopi continues its journey today as the one and only “customer tech” company, and serving 17 million users with a total of 800 brands.‍


Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We have 207,000 employees and operate in over 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world. We are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.‍


Having been “Europe’s first ECR manufacturer”, Hugin is a leading fintech focusing on payment systems. Hugin provides ERP integration, compliance, speed & efficiency to the Point of Sale with state-of-the-art ECR and Android POS solutions.‍‍

Hugin Ödeme Sistemleri

As a global security company and the largest video surveillance manufacturer in South Korea, IDIS operates across 50 countries and 100+ strategic partners. IDIS is a world-leading digital surveillance solution provider that designs, develops, and manufactures surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets.‍

IDIS Global

Joy Refund, Our organization is based on professionals those are very experienced in Tax Free service, retail, card payments and tourism.‍


The world-famous coffee brand Juan Valdez, which is a brand of 540 thousand Colombian coffee growing countries, brings together coffee lovers with all the naturalness of Colombian coffee. It has become the favorite of real coffee lovers in Türkiye, opening its first store in Harbiye, Istanbul in March 2022.

Juan Valdez Colombian Coffee

New generation distribution company KARGOMsende operates with 145 distribution centers in 81 province sand 555 districts throughout Türkiye. Established in November 2020 KARGOMsende, delivers in an average of 1.5 days. Inaddition to live tracking and estimated arrival time, it alsoprovides its buyers with a "return at the door" service without goingto the branch.‍


Kartes Shop Systems continues service to the retail industry its 56th year. We specialize in retail-systems, project design and production.In our 20.000 m2 wood & metal facilities, we use latest technologies to provide services.‍


KNS Bilişim Tecnologies has been providing digital transformation solutions to its clients in 9 different countries for 13 years with websites, mobile apps, digital wayfinding software, and the data management platform CDP that includes IYS integration.‍

KNS Bilişim

Serving in more than 300 stores and nearly 1000 points of sale in Türkiye, Kahve Dünyası appeals to the dynamic city consumer base with its new generation draft coffees, No and Pro Series with the concept of Kahve Dünyası Algötür. Through out the summer period, Kahve Dünyası Algötür Boats bring popular flavours to the guests in Bodrum, Göcek and Marmaris bays.‍

Kahve Dünyası Algötür

Kiğılı, the leading brand of menswear fashion retail in Turkey, remains a must-brand for men with its innovative vision and world-class collections. It continues to grow steadily with a total of 369 stores both domestically and internationally.


Since 1972, KORKMAZ has been production stainless steel kitchen utensils and electrical appliances; Currently, it serves in production facilities with a total of 36,005 thousand square meters of closed area, including in Tuzla and Kandıra. It exports to 123 countries with a production capacity of 4.2 million.


World famous doughnut Brand Krispy Kreme open edits firststore in Türkiye in 2009. Operating under the umbrella of İş Gıda in Türkiye, Krispy Kreme Tükiye serves its daily and freshly produced doughnuts to its fans with its 62 stores in 3 different cities a cross the country.‍

Krispy Kreme

Kırıntı was the first restaurant with the concept of "Casual Dining" in Turkey and brought a new dynamic to the country's restaurant industry with its first branch opened in Moda, Istanbul in 1981. For 42 years Kırıntı continues to bring food enthusiasts together in the most popular districts of Istanbul. In 2019, Kırıntı joined the Allpoints Restaurant Group and with the vision and mission of the group it continues to grow.


Ledova Lighting manufactures high-end products for retailers with reliable, customer-oriented, environmentally friendly, innovative indoor and outdoor lighting products design, production, sale and sales of reliable, customer-oriented, environmentally friendly, innovative indoor and outdoor lighting products with 1500+ stores experience in 40+ countries.


Since 1968, Levent Borek, with its 50 branches in Istanbul's central locations, 20 in Izmir, and at a total of 200 branches in Türkiye continues to reach patisserie lovers with its legendary flavors. Levent Borek's legendary flavors with cheese, pastrami, minced meat, Belgian Chocolate, and soon more than 10 varieties of flavors will be available all over the world, after Türkiye.‍

Levent Börek

 Little Caesars Pizza was founded in the USA in 1959, now it is one of the world's leading pizza chains with more than 6 thousand restaurants on five continents. Türkiye's Master Franchise rights belong to Çelebi Holding and it continues its activities through its corporate and franchise branches.

Little Caesars Pizza

LogD is an innovative company that provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for theretail industry. With its Milk Run Management System, it provides the first environmentally friendly green packaging (without cardboard boxes, etc.)service in Turkey.Our aim is to ensure the green transformation of the retail and logistics industry.‍


Logo, Türkiye's largest domestic business software company, improves productivity and profitability of businesses of all sectors and sizes, from micro-enterprises to large corporations, with its end-to-end solutions. With 1,500+ employees and 900+business partners, Logo supports growth journey of many companies in 44+countries.

Logo Yazılım

Loomisis your trusted partner for secure cash handling solutions. With our proven expertise and innovative technology, we ensure seamless transactions, safe guarding your assets with utmost reliability and efficiency‍


Our Magical Journey: In 1999, Mad Parfumeur stepped into the perfume industry and has managed to reach today by moving forward with the philosophy of producing quality products as well as the policy of unconditional customer satisfaction.‍

Mad Parfumeur

Türkiye’s rapidly growing leading restaurant chain brand Magnolia Shop Coffee Co, founded by Cookshop, continues to grow.Magnolia Shop Coffee Co's rich menu includes espresso-based hot drinks, delicious coffees, innovative cold coffee varieties,several options from sourdough flatbread toast to croissant sandwiches, fromour ‘’Magnolia’’ to San Sebastian Cheesecake, waiting for its guests in our branches every day.‍

Magnolia Shop Coffee Co

Easy Point and Mall Logistics offer digital-based omni-channel city logistic solutions to online & offline retail and to consumers.

Mall Logistics

AI-powered Masraff, with features such as automatic and quick expense entry, mobile approval, enables companies to manage their expense processes end-to-end on a single digital platform. It also allows them to keep their expenses in control with category/department/project-based management reports in real time.‍


Meal Box; is the largest catering company that serves corporates; packaged hot gourmet lunch and individuals; at home meal packages, makes event/organization catering and special menus such as New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and Iftar meals.


We are advancing our maintain "Experience Champion" vision as Europe's leading electronics retailer, excels in customer experience with over 50.000 employees across 13 countries. Join MediaMarkt at Retail Days and visit www.mediamarkt.com.tr!


The doors to a new experience in health are opening with MEDITOWN. Located in the same residential area as shopping mall, hotel, cinema and performance scenes, MEDITOWN will be very good for you, where you can meet all your health needs as complex as a hospital under one roof, as private as a practice.


MERTOĞLU is a company that aims to be a pioneer in the field of urban furniture and playground equipment since 1993. ‍


Migros One Kitchen has brands from many different categories such as salad, sushi, hamburger and bowl.SaladTown, Bowl&More, SushiZone and Envai Karaköy Lokantası are among the star brands.

Migros One Kitchen

Mobildev is a technology company that develops value-added services for its customers' sales and marketing needs and has added more than 23,000 institutions to its portfolio in 21 years. ‍


As Nebim, we develop ERP and store software optimized forretail, wholesale and manufacturing industries. We are experts especially on ready-to-wear, clothing, footwear, big stores, home textiles, carpets,furniture, glassware, optics, cosmetics, accessories and other retail industries. ‍


Founded in 1994, Noya is Turkey's leading technology provider in its sector and has been successfully distributing hardware for Smart Retail applications for 30 years as EloTouch Solutions Turkey Authorized Distributor since 2007.‍

Noya Elo

Founded in 1994, Noya is Turkey's leading technology provider in its sector, successfully distributing hardware for Smart Retail and Next Generation Payment applications as Sunmi Turkey Authorized Distributor since 2017.‍

Noya Sunmi

Ova Teknoloji, which operates as a Cross Point Türkiye Distributor in the field of Electronic Security Systems in the retail sector, provides project design, supply, assembly, after-sales support and maintenance services in 40+ countries with a quality product-correct engineering approach. www.ovamuhendislik.com/tr‍

OVA Teknoloji

Specialized In “Sectoral Solutions“, “Business Intelligence Solutions”, And “Data Analytics Solutions”, OBASE is a software and consultancy company with the status of an R&D Center; It is a software development, information technology solution provider and system integrator.


Ödeal was founded in 2014 and enables member businesses to easily receive payments by debit and credit card with its Ödeal Cepte POS application, physical POS and cash register POS products that turn mobile phones into POS. As of 2023, it provides payment services to 100,000 workplaces.‍


Toshiba cash register hardware and software products that we offer retailers with more than 30 years of industry experience, as well as our 3rd party solution integration layer, multi-channel retail and mobile solutions are used by retailers globally.


Papara, the Turkish neobank with over 17 million users,has worked to wards creating a world in which everyone has access to reliable financial services. Papara is expanding across Europe, making the financial ecosystem more inclusive for all.‍


PAPATYA represents todays and tomorrows furniture vision by responding to taste and requirements of global market with high qualified, aesthetic, ergonomic, affordable and maintenance free products, developed by professional and creative design team. Energy and experience meet with creative input and technological background enable the brand to build worldwide recognizing and promising projects.

Papatya Design Furniture

Türkiye’nin tek haftalık ekonomi dergisi Para, makrodan mikroya ekonominin her katmanında paranın izini sürer. Para ve sermaye piyasalarının yanı sıra reel sektörün de nabzını tutar. Zengin içeriği ve rahat okunan sayfalarıyla iş ve ekonomi çevrelerinin vazgeçilmez haber kaynağıdır. Ekonominin gündemini günlük gazete hızında çok yakından takip eden Para; işadamları, yöneticiler ve yatırımcılar için hep güvenilir bir referans kaynağı olmuştur.

Para Dergisi

Founded in 2014, Param has led the formation of fintech sector in Turkey. Param, known as the finisher of the first in the industry, continues to produce valuable solutions at every point where finance touches technology in a wide range such as electronic money, prepaid cards, physical and virtual POS, e-wallets.


Pavo, the leading and reliable financial technology company in our country by offering innovative payment and collection solutions in the field of payment systems, makes a difference with its wide range of Android Pos and value-added applications.


PayTR is a payment organization that aims to make life easier for everyone by providing an 'Innovative and Sustainable' payment experience on its way to becoming a versatile fintech company.


Payten Technology, Europe's leading payment company, manages Turkey's largest e-payment network with 27 domestic and foreign banks and more than 50,000 member businesses. It offers banks, payment institutions and companies a full range of payment solutions.


Avrupa’nın lider ödeme şirketi Payten Teknoloji, yerli ve yabancı 27 banka ve 50 binden fazla üye işyeri ile Türkiye’nin en geniş e-ödeme ağını yönetiyor. Bankalar, ödeme kuruluşları ve firmalara tam kapsamlı ödeme çözümleri sunuyor.


Perakende.org; Ekonomi Yayınları A.Ş firmasının 29 yıllık deneyimiyle yayınlanan, Türkiye'nin ilk online perakende haber portalı olma misyonuyla, 18 yıldır sürekli büyüyen izleyici kitlesiyle lider markadır. Yenilikçi Perakende Haber Portalı


Sadelik, sağlamlık ve güvenilirlik mottosu ile çalışan Possify A.Ş..; teknolojik birçok alanda tam donanımlı otomasyon ve perakende hizmetleri verir. Kaliteli ürünleri ve geniş ürün yelpazesiyle öne çıkan firmamız, üretimde uzmanlaşmış olup, garantili teknik servis hizmetiyle tam çözümler sunmaktadır.


Prime Development is a subsidiary of the German investor group First Capital Partner GmbH. PD provides concept development, leasing, mall management and many operational services required in this scope, as well as commercial real estate development services for shopping malls.

Prime Development

In Turkey, PttAVM.com supports e-exports with Turkish Souq brands abroad, while PttEm Kart offers conveniences in the shopping world with the PttEm Card application.


Easy shopping at RAFISTE- brought to you by the E-Trading subsidiary of Gökçelik, the leading manufacturer of depot and shelving systems - can make a difference at your home, office, workplace, corner store or supermarket with screwless, easily-assembled, specially designed products: available at rafiste.com.


Salus Security Systems provides the retail industry with solutions to minimize their losses and increase the efficient use of exhibition spaces by collaborating with leading brands around the world.


Securitas Technology is the 2nd largest provider of security technologies in the world, with 13,000 employees, presence in 40 countries and turnover of $3.1 billion. With nearly 300 employees in 81 provinces in Turkey, it offers technological solutions that ensure security and operational efficiency.


Shemsana'nın hikayesi, doğanın büyüsünü ve güneşin sevgi dolu ışıklarını içeriyor. Her bir kurutulmuş meyve, Şemsa'nın özenle seçtiği, güneşin sevgisiyle dolu bir öykü taşıyor. Müşteriler, Shemsana'nın ürünlerini tadarak bu eşsiz hikayeyi deneyimliyor ve doğanın zarafetini sofralarına getiriyor. Şemsana, bir kadının tutkusunun ve doğanın cömertliğinin birleşiminden doğan bir lezzet yolculuğu sunuyor.


“Tchibo, with its unique business model and coffee expertise spanning more than seventy years, has 50 stores in 12 provinces in Turkey since 2005, and its online store www.tchibo.com.tr offers its customers what is really good with its presence in national and local store chains and business partnerships under its multi-channel strategy.”


Enerji, telekomünikasyon ve dijital dönüşüm alanlarında sunduğu çözüm ve hizmetlerin yanında saha operasyonlarıyla Türkiye’nin önde gelen teknoloji firmaları arasında yer alan techasaY, Türkiye’de ve Dünyada, enerji tasarrufu sağlayan çözümler üreterek, işbirliği yaptığı kurumların sürdürebilir enerji hedeflerinin gerçekleştirilmesine katkı sağlıyor


In addition to our Messaging and Conferencing Services, it is a Secure Communication Platform that allows you to stay safe from Attacks, Infiltrations on Cloud or Closed Networks, by connecting to the applications that you use in your Company, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., and manage them all from one screen.


Turkey's most advanced e-commerce infrastructure, Ticimax, with more than 17 years of experience and 200+ expert staff, offers e-commerce and e-export infrastructure services and custom e-commerce solutions to more than 15,000 brands, while leading the industry with its innovations.


KoC Holding’in alanında uzman şirketi Token Finansal Teknolojiler, yazılımını geliştirdiği 850 binden fazla Beko marka ödeme cihazları ile sektöre liderlik ederken; dijital yemek kartı TokenFlex ve online ödeme altyapı çözümü Ödero ile dijital ödeme alanında değer yaratıyor.

Token Finansal Teknolojiler

VeriPark, Sadakat Yönetimi Uygulamaları, Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi, Çok Kanallı Bankacılık Hizmetleri ile perakende, e-ticaret şirketleri, bankalar, kredi kuruluşları, sigorta şirketlerinin iş süreçlerini yeni nesil teknolojilerle dönüştürmelerini sağlıyor. 1998 yılında kurulan,dünyanın birçok noktasında ofisleri olan VeriPark, müşterilerinin dijital liderler olmasına, rekabet güçlerini artırmalarına ve büyüme hedeflerini gerçekleştirmelerine yardımcı olma misyonu ile çalışıyor


Online ve yüz yüze ticaret deneyimlerini düzenleyen ödeme mimarı olarak öne çıkan Verifone, kullanıcılarına güvenli ödeme cihazlarından e-ticaret araçlarına, üye iş yeri ödeme hizmetlerinden gelişmiş iç görülere kadar ihtiyaç duyulan birçok çözümü sunuyor. Küresel bir FinTech lideri olan Verifone, 165'ten fazla ülkede faaliyet gösterirken şirketler için çok kanallı ticaret büyümesi fırsatları sunuyor. Dünya genelinde bilinen markalar, küçük işletmeler ve büyük finansal kurumlar tarafından güvenilen Verifone platformu, 40 yıllık bir inovasyon ve güvenlik geçmişine sahiptir. Marka, yılda 14 milyardan fazla işlemi, fiziksel ve dijital kanallarda 450 milyar doların üzerinde değeri yönetiyor. Verifone hakkında daha fazla bilgi için https://www.verifone.com/tr/tk adresini ziyaret edebilirsiniz.


Müşteri deneyiminde zirveyi hedefleyen markaların tercihi VODATECH Çağrı Merkezi. Sektörünün öncüsü olarak 26 yıldır müşteri deneyimini mükemmelleştiren özgün çözümler tasarlayarak, işinizi geliştiriyor. Deneyimi, yenilikçi çözümler ile birleştirerek yüksek standartlarda hizmet sunarken, geleceğin teknolojilerini bugünden kullanmaya başlayarak, değişime öncülük ediyoruz.


ZES, şehir içinde ve şehirlerarası yollarda hayata geçirdiği hızlı şarj istasyonları ile birlikte ülkemizdeki elektrikli araç sahiplerinin yolculuklarını kolaylaştırmayı ve elektrikli araç devrimini hızlandırmayı hedeflemektedir.


Ziylan Medya çatısı altında faaliyet gösteren 3Dinoz, dijital dönüşüme yönelik phygital projeler geliştiriyor. Hologram teknolojisinin mobil reklam alanı, HoloPack ve LED dünyasının sınırlarını esneten TransLED bu projelerin başında geliyor.

Ziylan Medya

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend?

You may attend Retail Days 2024 by getting your tickets, being a sponsor, exhibitor or having a B2B Stand.

Place and the time of the event?

29-30 May 2024 – Haliç Congress Center, İstanbul

May I attend the event online?

The event will be held physically only.

May I get a ticket only for 1 day?

Retail Days tickets are only for two days attendance.

Is there a price advantage for getting large number of tickets?

Please call +90 0212 212 99 70 or +90 0530 498 06 40 for price advantages.

Retail Days 2024
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