Gemma Spence

Global Commerce Lead & VML Chief Digital Commerce Officer

Digital commerce is experiencing a pivotalmoment, wherein a combination of art and science isnecessary to differentiate from the competition and motivate a shopper topurchase. In this ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, business decisions have shifted from relationship-based to data-driven where algorithms reign supreme. To be effective, a combination of traditional omnichannel retail strategies and new growth models such as voice, social and visual commerce, influenced by the explosion of AI, is required. 

Inspired by the concepts from Byron Sharp’s book,“How Brands Grow”, WPP will explore the pivotal roles mental, physical, and now digital, availability play in winning the digital shelf game.  Identifying the opportunities for brands to synchronize content, media and technology across the entire value chain, fuelling creativity, connection and conversion within the competitive online marketplace.

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